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Recently I had a client computer badly damaged with spy ware and viruses. After going through my normal process of removing the worst and getting windows to run semi normally I had to get a good anti virus installed.

I ran into a problem when AVG wouldn’t install. The viruses that were on the computer were probably blocking any install of new anti virus. I tried installing several times with no avail. I then decided to install another anitvirus like Avast. Avast wouldn’t install until I completely removed the install of AVG. After deleting everything that I could find AVG related the install would still not happen.

Eventually AVG install properly after I decided to do a custom install. If AVG will not install follow these steps.

  • choose custom install (not express)
  • only install AVG
  • do not install linkscanner, email shield or any other AVG extra.

Normally I allow these features to be included. However, after selecting not to install these component AVG install just fine. I could then go on to use AVG to remove the viruses and clean up the computer. AVG is one of the better anitvirus programs out their. I highly recommend it for computer protection.

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