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Recently Microsoft released Vista Service pack 2 for manual download. Before you install you should know a few things about your computer.

It should start automatically downloading to your PC within the next 10 days. You need to prepare your computer for this BEFORE it happens.

If you do not do these things, your computer will not be able to successfully install Vista Service Pack 2.

BEFORE you allow Service Pack 2 to install you must do the following:

* Install Windows Vista Service Pack 1. You can’t install Service Pack 2 without first installing SP1. If you try, the installation will fail and could damage your Windows Vista installation.
* Install the Microsoft Servicing Stack Update. This is the most complicated Service Pack that Microsoft has ever released. For it to even install properly a patch has to be downloaded and installed first!
* Backup your data. If something goes wrong during the installation process, you don’t want to lose everything.

For a limited time York Computer Repair is offering a special Service Pack Installation service for only $39.99.

Rather than jumping through all of the technical hoops yourself, we can do it for you!

For the $39.99 price we will:

1. Scan for and remove any viruses / malware from your computer
2. Install Vista Service Pack 1 if you don’t already have it
3. Install the Microsoft Servicing Stack Update
4. Create a System Restore Point
5. Install Vista Service Pack 2
6. Test your computer to make sure it is working properly
7. Back your Service Pack installation with a 30-day warranty

Installing the latest Vista Service Pack can take up to 3 hours on your own on an original installation of Windows Vista.  Let our trained technicians install your Service Pack for you and know that the job is done right!

If you have any questions about Vista Service Pack 2 feel free to call us anytime at 739-9675.

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