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There is a new type of captcha coming out called NU Captcha. (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) It’s based on using video instead of that fuzzy text we all learned to hate. The video is designed to be much easier to read and much more difficult for robots.

The video captcha consists of scrolling text that is easy to read. It might say something like “type the red text” . While you are watching white and red text scroll past the screen. According to Mashable

“In recent years, some of the CAPTCHAs humans has been asked to solve, however, have been ridiculously illegible. Most of us have at least once had to pause at the end of a web form to squint at a CAPTCHA that looked more like a yarn squiggle than an actual string of characters. That’s where NuCaptcha aims to make a difference.”

Check out the actual video captcha here.

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