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vaio repairSony makes a great laptop, but even the best laptops require repair once in awhile. York Computer Repair pays special attention to fixing Sony Vaio problems. Some of the Sony laptop models we repair are:


    * AW Series[2] – Sony’s flagship model. 18.4″ High-end multimedia machine, with 1080p resolution screen and SSD options. Replaces AR series.

    * AR Series (discontinued) – Display of 17″, with 1080p capable screen, HDMI output and the optional BD burner.

    * FW Series[3] – The world’s first 16.4″ notebook, features Blu-ray Disc reader or burner depending on model. Also has an option for a full 1080p display.

    * FZ Series (discontinued) – A 15.4″ notebook, features Blu-ray Disc burner in high end model. Marketed as the ultimate HD entertainment notebook with HD LCD screen in all the models.

    * CR Series (discontinued)[4] – New 14″ successor of the C series. Marketed as a ‘lifestyle’ laptop (“Whether you’re studying at the coffee shop or out on the town with friends, the VAIO CR has the head-turning looks to get you noticed”), available in red, blue, pink or white. Sony were one of the first manufacturers to offer notebook computers in multiple colors – a feature later offered most notably by Dell, which produced a series of TV advertisements in mid-2008 stressing this feature[citation needed].

    * CS Series – A 14.1″ notebook marketed as a slightly higher end laptop compared to CR Series with multiple variant for users to choose from.

    * NR Series (discontinued)[5] – 15.4″ entry level Vista laptop for home users.

    * NS Series[6] – 15.4″ entry level Vista laptop for home users. Successor of the NR Series.

    * P Series – 8″ notebook that uses a 1.33 GHz Intel CPU, runs on Windows Vista, does not have an optical drive, but has a GPS.

 Professional laptops

    * TZ Series[7] – Ultra portable 11.1″ professional notebook (1.2kg)
    * TT Series[8] – Ultra portable 11.1″ professional notebook. The smallest notebook computer to accommodate a Blu-ray Disc drive at 11 inches.
    * Z Series[9] – 13.1″ Ultra portable, featuring a WXGA++ display with a 1366 x 768 and an optional 1600 x 900 resolution and integrated WWAN. (Replaces the high-end models of the SZ Series.)
    * SR Series[10] – 13.3″ Ultra portable, aimed at young professionals for home and business use. (Replaces the low-end models of the SZ Series.)
    * BZ Series[11] – Robust business notebooks with Trusted Platform Module and biometric fingerprint security technology. (Replaces the BX Series.)


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