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This one is wierd. Occassionaly you get those wifi connections that just don’t make sense. I had a customer contact me with no internet connection after an update. 

It didn’t look good, no card in device manager and nothing seemed to work. I removed the card and reinstalled without any luck. I went and updated windows with everything update I could find (except the office live stuff). After several installs and reboots the card showed up again. The weird thing is that non of these updates had to do with networking. This laptop was a v6048cl Compaq.

PS no malware or spyware issues either. Weird fix. ** update, fix didn’t last long, my determination is a bad card or mobo. It looks like the from the forums it’s a bad mobo. I would recommend a express card to get wifi. That way if you by a new wificard then and it’s the motherboard then you just wasted your money. An express card will get around the wifi card.

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