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Imagine if your computer was stolen.  What would you do? Forget about the cost of new one, what about the data on the laptop. No doubt having your computer stolen would be awful. Now what if you could find the location of your laptop and even a picture of who is currently operating the computer? That would be very helpful in recovering your precious laptop. Chis Prillo gives us a great tutorial and general overview of

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We all need our some help from time to time with our computers.  Help doesn’t have to be so hard to find. Technicians at York Computer Repair can help you with your  laptop, Viruses, and desktops. With the average home having more than one computer in the house, chances are you need some professional assistance.

That’s were we can help, offering the highest quality service is what makes us York’s leading on site repair service. If we can’t fix it remotely over the internet a skilled technician will come to you with parts to make the repair. Don’t lug your desktop down to the shop. Avoid having your laptop sent to Michigan for depot repair. No need to worry about privacy concerns when the tech makes the repair right in your home.

I purchased and additional phone line with Skype for a consulting job I was doing. I wanted the client to be able to have a seperate number and voice mail to contact me with. There was only one problem I already had a Skype account and online number. According to Skype support I could not have a separate voice mail with my current user account. Here’s how I resolved the problem:

Before we start make sure you have a separate windows user account. You’ll need to run the application as a different user. Don’t worry you can still be logged into your other account. Find the skype icon in your programs menu, hold the shift key and right click the icon. Choose “run as”. Then select the other windows user account and password if required. I used my guest account that windows has preconfigured.

Once you do that a new instance of Skype will appear. Create a new account and bingo. From here choice the otpions of your choice. I made the ringtone different so I could tell which line was calling. Now you have two numbers and two voicemails. Watch the video below for a step by step instructions.

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Recently my client had a so many viruses and spyware that the computer would not boot. He just wanted his computer restored to factory settings. There is a way to access Dell Restore option when you can’t access the feature through windows normally. During boot up and the first splash screen  appears  hold the Ctrl and F11 keys at the same time  for a few seconds. This will allow you to access the restore feature to reinstall windows.