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Did you ever want to access all your media files via your TV? Now makes is easy if you own any of the new game consoles. Wii, X box 360 and PS3 are all compatible with

What can you do with Orb?

  • Access any files on your computer through your TV
  • Watch video files
  • Play Internet games
  • Play internet radio
  • Youtube and other video services.
  • Check Email
  • Play and record TV if you have TV tuner

How it Works

Almost anything you can do on the internet is now available on your TV. I am using the Wii for my gaming console, so this post will be in reference to using the Wii.

  • Download orb software on your PC
  • Right click on taskbar icon and direct Orb to your network files
  • Next go to via the Wii and log in (you’ll need the internet channel installed) I save to my favorites and away you go, the rest is fine tuning Orb

internet + PC + Wii = TV access to files

Once I had Orb installed I started playing with it. Wii uses the Opera browser to access the internet. I could play most flash files, like games and movies. Occassionally it would say I need to upgrade download and install Adobe Flash. Most video files worked write off the bat. A few files I had in my storage drive required me to down load and install. What’s so great about it was that Orb made finding the correct drivers a breeze. If I wanted to play .mov files, Orb told me exactly what to do. Visit for more information. I have to say that the internet experience is not as good as on a laptop. But again remember what we will be using this for. I’m not going to be writing my blog posts with the Wii virtual keyboard anytime soon, but I will be doing picture slideshows to show friends and family. I have basic cable, occasionally I might watch a NOVA documentary online via the Wii. I really like acessing my music on the TV.

When we’re playing cards or something like that I love being able to listen to my music through the TV. It’s pretty high tech to show friends. If you never heard of you have to check that out. It’s a great tool to find new music and guest will be impressed that you have it on your TV. Enjoy using Orb, tell me what you think about it, I want to know.

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