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Did you ever need an additional phone line? Perhaps that small business you have on the side needs its own phone number? Or perhaps you’re looking for a cheap long distance alternative?

Skype can solve either of these problems. Skype is an Ebay company that offers free chat, voice and web video chat services. The quality of the service is one of the best the internet has to offer.

But now they offer a very low cost local phone number. It runs about 3 dollars a month. The service has the following features:

  • local numbers
  • voice mail
  • call forwarding
  • call recording
  • conference calls
  • contact manager
  • blocking (my favorite)

It’s easy to use and provides a cheap alternative for an additional phone line. You need to have a micro phone or usb phone to use the service. I recommend buying a USB phone for your computer. A USB phone will allow you to use the service like a regular phone.

Anywhere you have an internet connection you have a skype phone. It’s great for business travelers who need a cheap alternative with out the roaming costs. There are even phone apps to turn your smart phone into a skype phone. You could be making free calls with you using your cell minutes.

I recommend checking out Skype, it’s been a valuable tool for me.

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