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Summer is fun and usually involvesĀ  a trip to the beach. If you take your laptop on the beach and get sand in it, here is what to do.

Turn off computer immediatly. Do not start the computer again. Sand can creep into the tiniest nooks, it’s really amazing. I recommend taking the computer to your local repair shop. The computer needs to be opened up and thoroughly cleaned.

It is nearly impossible to get the computer entirely clean without having it taken apart. There are not a lot of moving parts in a computer but here is what you risk of damaging if you do not get it professionally cleaned.

  1. Hard drive has moving parts and sand dust can damage (data lose)
  2. Fan bearings will be damaged and fan replacement will be necessary
  3. Opening and closing the lid will eventually damage hinges with sand dust.
  4. DVD player has moving parts that can be damaged

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