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If you are getting a error on start up or shut down that reads rundll32.dll or run32dll.exe failed to start you may need to repair the file. Often spyware or viruses will attach themselves to this files and use the same processes that to run the spyware or virus. The rundll32 file allows any program to access the library of dll files. Dynamic Link Libraries or (DLL) is a repository of common code that programs use to execute actions such as shutdown, maximize or other common commands that all software use. If this file or program is damaged many programs will stop working or become unresponsive. Below are a series of step I took to repair the damaged file.

  • tried replacing the associated files with reimage (this did not work)
  • tried manually replacing the rundll32 with one from a windows xp cd (this did not work)
  • tried running Windows repair from DOS (this did not work)
  • after several attempt computer started and I ran windows reinstall w/out removing programs and apps

Only the last attempt of running the windows reinstall worked. The computer files often get deleted or damaged during virus removal and repair. Some anti virus programs see that a file is damage and remove the infected file. While this repairs the computer from the virus it often leaves the computer not working or very unresponsive. I recommend skipping the other repair steps and skipping directly to reinstalling windows in repair mode.

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  1. Hy

    My name is Petre I am from Romania.,,My problem ,,is Processo host di Windows(Rundll32)ha smesso di funzionare.
    What can i do ?

    Thankyou very much!

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