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I purchased and additional phone line with Skype for a consulting job I was doing. I wanted the client to be able to have a seperate number and voice mail to contact me with. There was only one problem I already had a Skype account and online number. According to Skype support I could not have a separate voice mail with my current user account. Here’s how I resolved the problem:

Before we start make sure you have a separate windows user account. You’ll need to run the application as a different user. Don’t worry you can still be logged into your other account. Find the skype icon in your programs menu, hold the shift key and right click the icon. Choose “run as”. Then select the other windows user account and password if required. I used my guest account that windows has preconfigured.

Once you do that a new instance of Skype will appear. Create a new account and bingo. From here choice the otpions of your choice. I made the ringtone different so I could tell which line was calling. Now you have two numbers and two voicemails. Watch the video below for a step by step instructions.

[SWF]wp-content/2skypes.swf, 450 , 450[/SWF]

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