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If you store more and more data on a USB thumb drive you’re not alone. More people are turning to the convenience of the portable storage devices. These small portable devices are also growing in size. You can now store huge amounts of data with ease. The problem with these devices are they are easy to lose and take more risk of being damaged because of their portable nature.

One of the most common ways these devices become inoperable are from being damage while inserted into a laptop or other portable device. For example a laptop gets dropped while the USB device is attached.

When the USB device become detached or broken from the “base” of the storage device the unit stops working properly. Don’t worry often the data can be recovered. The USB male adapter can be reattached to the storage area.

With some care full work and a microscope many times the solder that attaches the USB to the head can be reattached. Data can then be removed and recovered. If you have a USB device that needs data recovered give us a call. We specialize in removing data from USB devices at affordable rates.

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