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If you have a computer that uses RDRAM here are some tips and tricks.

  • RDRAM requires the memory to be installed in pairs.
  • RDRAM may require all DIMM slots to be utilized
  • Continuity sticks can be used if you don’t have enough RDRAM

RDRAM can be expensive to replace, so if you think you may have a bad stick or pair of memory there are some options for cheaper diagnosis.  If you memory fails a memory test and you need to identify which stick is bad here are some options.

The memory needs installed in sets or pairs. So if one stick is bad it’s hard to tell which one because they need to be installed together. One way around this is to identify which pair is bad. You can use continuity stick for that. It’s a cheaper alternative at $14 a stick compared to over $200 for new RDRAM. Continuity sticks will allow the DIMM slots to have continuity while you rotate the memory pair out to check which pair is bad. I hope that makes sense, comment if you have questions.

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