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pc checkup

A PC Maintenance Checkup is a complete head-to-toe examination of a computer. Our Maintenance Checkup is normally a great deal at its usual price of $69, but for next month only we will be discounting that price to an amazing $59.00.

During a PC Maintenance Checkup our trained technicians will:

* Scan your computer memory (Vital for Vista users)
* Blow dust and debris out of cooling fans
* Check fan rotation speeds and cooling effectiveness
* Ensure your installed Antivirus is effective and updated
* Test all drives
* Check hard drive for masked bad sectors
* Clean computer exterior if needed
* Repair errors in the Windows Registry
* Perform an advanced hard drive cleaning
* Install critical system support software
* Scan for and removes malware
* Scan for viruses and Trojans

Even accomplished PC users should see the value in this offer at an amazing $59.00 price!

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