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Stay safe, keep third party programs updated.

Talk about fast service, you probably get extra fast computer repair in Shiloh since our business is operations are out of Shilo. Whether you need a virus removed or a power jack repaired we got you covered.

York Computer Repair can fix any computer problem you have. Call us and explain what problem you’re having. We’ll set up an appointment to come to you location for no extra charge or offer free pick up and delivery.

Many times computers can be repaired with remote support. This means we can set up an appointment to log into your computer via the internet and make the repair via remote support software. This can be very helpful since our technicians do not have to be on-site to make the repair. If the computer can not be fixed with a remote session then our technicians will make a visit and repair the computer.

No more lugging your computer to the store for over priced repairs! your computer always stays in York and isn’t sent out of state to a repair depot. Call now to set up an appointment!

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