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Stay safe, keep third party programs updated.

Here is a great idea for keeping a password secure and unique in today’s world. Create a password algorithm. A password what? Hey, we all have dozens of applications and websites that require logons to access. What would happen if your password was compromised and you have been using it on everything since 1993? Here’s a great idea ensures a unique password that no one will be able to reproduce unless they can read your mind.

A password algorithm is applying a rule for creating passwords to new applications. For example let’s say you go to Yahoo, MSN and Youtube and you log into each site on a daily basis. Your password rule could be something like this.

  • Numbers+ sitename=password

  • So my Yahoo log on would be 8513yahoo.
  • My youtube password would be 8513youtube.
  • My MSN password would be 8513msn.

You get the point right? I kept this example very simple to show the idea here. Even if one of your passwords would get compromised that person would not necessarily know you use a algorithm when creating passwords. They would have to know your password rules to access other applications. Only you know the rules. Applying this idea creates a unique logon for each application.

Your rule must be easy to remember! Hello, don’t forget this, because next year when you need to change your subscription to garliclovers .com you’ll be able to quickly recall and apply your rule.

Now go out and start using this on your top 10 most used websites. You’ll slowly start to migrate all your passwords to a algorithm instead of your favorite pets name. Trust me Fluffy won’t mind, she would rather know your safe.

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