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If you are trying to get a new or newer computer working with an older VGA monitor you may run into problems. Some newer computer will not automatically work with older monitors. Typically the simptoms of a VGA monitors not working are below:

  • no picture at all
  • Green light comes on monitor then goes off
  • You can see BIOS startup then screen goes blank (monitor light goes amber)

Here’s a solution to getting that monitor to work on your newer computer. First try swaping it out with a newer monitor if you have that option. Next try pressing f8 during the BIOS splash screen then look for Enable VGA mode. If you don’t see it at the first try pressing f8 just before the windows splash screen.  Some dells have different  F8 menus on boot up. You going to look for a setting call VGA, once that is set you can then reboot the computer and your older monitor will work. Good luck!

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