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If you don’t have sound on any of the HP DV6000 series laptops here are a few trouble shooting tips to try out.

  • Check speakers are not blown out, do they make noise at all? if so does it sound very scratchy and distorted? If so replace the speakers.
  • Is speaker cable connected, located directly under power button bezel (only attempt removal if you have done this type of repair before)
  • Check hardware devices and see if sound card is installed? If not, verify that “view hidden devices is checked”  then try reinstalling the software directly from the HP support website.
  • finally if nothing else works you can replace sound card with a express card sound card. Determine which type of express slot you have open and install an external sound card.

If you need help getting sound to work on your computer, we’re experts! We can fix any computer in the country with remote service. Call now to set up an appointment.

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