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Stay safe, keep third party programs updated.

Often I tell clients to run more than one antivirus program. Just like one vacination can not save you from all the diseases out there, nor can one antivirus program protect your computer entirely.

So how do you best protect your computer? By running a supplement program.

Even the best anti-virus programs can’t stop every threat. Programs like Norton and Mcafee dominate the market and do a pretty good job of keeping out most viruses. Currently I think Norton is doing the best job detecting most threats. Symantecs new product, Anti-virus 2009,  is doing an exceptional job of blocking threats with ease of use and low processing impact on your computer.

At one time I did not recommend Norton because it was bloated with services and extras you didn’t really need. However, their Norton 2009 product is outstanding. Norton now only has one service running in the task manager and also proves it’s not taxing your processor, with a visual bar chart of what resources its using on your computer. (Smart move Norton)

Norton is great at stopping and removing virus threats. But I still think most computer users need anti-spyware such as PC doctor. This program has moved to the top of my list for removing many Malware and Spy-ware threats. Keep Norton as your main program and occasionally run PC doctor as a supplement.

Do not try to run more than one anti-virus program on your computer, such as AVG or Norton. Let me make clear that only one Anti-virus program should be installed on your computer. Do not install multiple anti-virus programs! You need one anti-virus and one spyware detector.

Do you help or want a professional tech to install these programs for you. Give York Computer Repair a call and we’ll make sure your computer is running at it’s best.

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