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Imagine a laptop battery that doesn’t need charged, lasts for 30 years. By the way it doesn’t get hot and is non toxic when it runs out! That’s what the research labs of the Air Force have developed. According to an article on it’s true, I’ll believe it when I see it hit the market. Which according to should be in the next two years.

…. They invented a special betavolic power cell that is built from semiconductors with the use of radioisotopes as energy sources. Radioactive material ends up decaying over time and as a result it emits beta particles. They transform into electric power that can power laptops for previously unimagined periods of time: years. To make it even more interesting, such batteries can be very small. We have a non-thermal reactions so there is also no risk of over-heating and when the battery runs out of power it is non-toxic. It was stated that such batteries might be available to the public in around 2 years. Well, in two years we might have a laptop revolution on our hands.

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