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A Dell Inspiron 5100 came into the shop with a bad screen. The screen only displayed white light as the image. I was having trouble figuring out if it was the inverter or the LCD screen. I didn’t have any broken screens around that had the same type of connection. I didn’t want to buy an inverter (the cheaper part) to test the problem. It was an older laptop and I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible for the customer.

I knew it was not the video card or motherboard. The bulb was working so there was not much else to test besides the wires themselves. Sure enough I found a bad connection on the LCD screen between the wirebundle that connects the motherboard to the lcd. The connection had good tape on it and appeared clean. I repaired the connection and the screen worked! So next time before you buy parts test the connections, even if they appear to be okay.

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