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A client gave me an old 433 mghtz computer to repair for his children. He wanted it to be able to play online games and such. It was running windows 98 and has 160 megabits of ram. I was able to install Adobe Flash. Most online protals like and Cartoonnetwork run on Flash.  Some games require the Java environment to play.

I ran into a problem trying to install Java. Java would not work and gave me an install error that Java did not support Windows 98. I tried installing Firefox 3 and ran into the same problem. I didn’t try installing a new version of Explorer since I figured the old computer probably wouldn’t be able to take the newest version of I.E. Here is how I fixed the problem.

  • Unistalled old versions of Java with JavaRa
  • Installed FireFox version 1.5 (search for older versions on Google)
  • Then visited the game sites and installed the required plug-ins as prompted

Firefox installed the older version of Java that was compatible with Win98. That install also helped I.E. work with the game sites. The games were operational, but ran very slowly. I’m thinking about installing Linux to see if the old processor is able to keep up with the games.

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