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This week an HP dv1000 came into the shop with no power. Typically when these older hp models loose power it’s a power adapter. HP made a really bad choice for a few years when they decided to power the laptop with such a small adapter tip. The small adapter was not strong enough to take the movement that laptops go through. The end result was a loose power jack, broken power tip or both.

So when I got this laptop and it didn’t have power I guessed it was one of these problems. However the customer stated that the laptop just stopped working one day and never gave any warning. This is not typical for a power jack problem. Usually you will have some power flickers and indications that the power is intermittantly making a  connection. I wiggled the power tip on the back and the laptop had no response. No lights beeps or any indication of power.

Next step involved checking the power adapter for the correct voltage. This test also passed.

I took the laptop completely apart and looked at the power jack. It had no obvious burnt spots or loose connections. Sometime the power jack can be bad internally and you really need to wiggle the center post to check for looseness.

There was no evidence of power jack or power cord problems. Just in case I could not identify the problem in the power jack I added power directly to the motherboard by bypassing the power jack to see if it would then power on. The above step should be attempted before replacing the power jack.

The diagnosis was that the motherboard was bad. Replacement would cost about $259.

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