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I spent 3 hours at a clients house and  I could not figure out why the HP DV6324us would not connect to the internet. Here are the symptoms below:

  • orange light on wireless indicator / both switch positions
  • no wireless card existed in device manager
  • search for new hardware did not work
  • reinstalled drivers, no luck
  • no viruses on Vista

I started searching forums and found this was a common problem on the DV 6000 series. I saw somewhere around 1 and 7 machines were effected. Options to fix the problem were a wide range, summarized below:

  • reset cmos settings back to factory defaults
  • update BIOS to current version
  • search for new hardware, reinstall
  • replace motherboard

I didn’t replace MoBo and I didn’t update the BIOS, because of the issues there. I didn’t find any forum solutions to work. I could not force the card to an IP address or something like that because it was not in the device manager. I came to the conculsion that the wireless integrated controller was bad. A mother board replacement was the only solution. So to get around this problem I installed a wireless card in the express expansion slot. The computer now uses the installed wireless card and connects to the interenet.

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