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How to test your connection speed.

Have you wanted to know how to check you internet connection speed? Many times advertisers show ads like”50 times faster than dial up”. What speeds are you really getting?

There are now many great ways to see what kind of speed you’re getting for your money. One of the best ways to visualize the speed your are getting in a familiar console is located here. The speedometer is a recognizable utility that you are familiar with. The link takes you to a site that does a two part test.

speed test

First it does a download test. This is the same as you downloading let’s say a music file. It show’s you how fast you’re going to get that file. My connection is saying 600 kilobytes per second. Or about 15 seconds to download a one megabyte file. That’s okay, some people can get much higher like 1800 kilobytes.

Second part of the test is the upload test. This is how fast can you send a file. Think if you’re sending that folder of pictures from vacation to grandma and it seems to take forever to attach to the Yahoo web mail screen. That’s because typically upload speeds are slower than download speeds because that’s what consumers want.

Keep in mind that the more people on your block that have the same service as you the slower the connections. Try testing in the morning and once after you get home from work. You’ll notice a difference since school and work has let out and everyone is at home checking email.

Thinking of getting Vonage? Vonage is the phone service that uses your current internet connection as the “phone lines”. Then I recommend testing out your upload speed. Vonage says you need at least 90 kilobytes of upload speed. From my experience I recommend at least 300 kilobytes.

A few other great services include:

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