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My 500 GB western digital  stopped working. I used this device as an external back up drive.  Often I noticed that the drive was sometimes showing up in my drive list and other times it was not. I thought maybe my usb hub was going bad. But eventually it didn’t show up at all. I changed usb ports and still nothing. I changed usb cables and it appeared then disappeared. Next I did the same steps but on a different computer and the same results. It some time appeared an disappeared.

I decided to take it apart an attach the hard drive up to my computer directly. I had some difficulty getting it apart. Here’s how I did it.

The case is design like a sandwich, or a taco to be more precise. The drive is wrapped in plastic. Use a butter knife or prying tool to find a opening in the case. The case is held together by snaps. Work your way around the case with the pry tool until you get each snap unfastened. There is only one screw holding the case to the hard drive. See the picture below.

You can see I had to scratch off the sticker that covered it. Go ahead and remove that screw. Continue to work your knife around the edges until you remove all the snaps. I stuck my knife in a little and moved it along the sides until I felt resistance. That’s were the snaps are. You can then position the butter knife perpendicular to the opening and twist.

Be careful around the power and usb connection area. I didn’t have to use a lot of pressure here. Just enough to get the snaps  loose. I would guess about 30 torque pounds.

Here you can see the drive slide out from the taco plastic enclosure. Now you can start removing the drive from it’s case. This is a little more difficult.

Some areas may require you to stick a small screw driver through the air holes int the case. That’s how I removed all the screws on the back side. I hope this helps.

BTW, I got the drive out and hooked it up directly to the pc and it continued to intermittently work. I was able to keep the drive up and running much longer this way. Enough time to get any data I needed.

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