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Google preferences set up.

Setting up a few Google prefences may make your search experience a little better. I go over a few of the most common features you can start using now. Go to Google and click here to start setting up preferences.


I leave the top at the default settings. I don’t usually have a language problem any way. Google does a pretty good job only showing what you need. Occasionally I have searched and found what I need on other language sites.


Next is where is gets good. If you have kids in the house or even if you don’t you’ll want to think about increasing the results to strict filtering. I leave it at default and it works pretty well.

I like my search results to open in a new window. This is the little check box to select that option. Make sure you select “save preferences” at the bottom. Don’t want to miss that one.


The following new feature is called Subscribed links directory. I haven’t used this option but I am considering it. I did some searches on Google to learn more about this. Google definition of this feature says:

“Welcome to the Google Subscribed Links Developer Guide! The Subscribed Links API enables you to create custom search results and define search keywords for triggering the results. Web users who have signed into their Google account and subscribed to your Subscribed Links can use queries that you defined to see your custom search results appear at the top of the Google results page. Your Subscribed Links can answer questions, display links to your services, provide news and status information, and calculate quantities, among other things. To get an idea of what Subscribed Links are, you can see some existing ones in the Google Subscribed Links Directory.”


Let me know if you use this feature, I like to hear from you.

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