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New computer build, one hour. Getting the front audio port to work, endless. I spent several hours of checking and fidling with audio settings on Windows 7 to get the front audio port to work. Nothing seemed to work.

I installed the Realtek audio manager and could get the front audio port to work. But then the back audio ports stopped working all together. No matter what settings I had set, they would not work in conjuction.  Here is how I got it working and things to check:

  • Double check that the audio connecter is properly seated on the motherboard and that it’s on the right input port on the motherboard. (see you motherboard instructions)
  • Download the Realtek audio manager and click the folder in the upper right hand corner as seen in the image. Then check or uncheck the “disable front panel jack detection”
  • update your BIOS

My front port audio only started working properly after updating the BIOS. This seems a little extreme but it’s the only thing left I could think of. After updating the Gigabyte via @bios, the widnows based BIOS flash, it started working properly.  Thanks Gigabyter for the easy BIOS flash!

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