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Do you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer? Do you have a partition set up for Vista and one for Windows 7? If so then there may come a time when you want to manage the boot loading process.

EasyBCD makes it very easy to manage the boot process with a great UI. The interface is easy to understand and makes changing the boot records a snap. Here’s what Lifehacker has to say about EasyBCD.

With EasyBCD you can edit the names of entries, add and remove entries onto the bootloader menu, change the timeout on the bootloader selection menu, and tweak boot-related items like enabling PAE mode or run with the debug process enabled. EasyBCD includes support for adding Windows, Linux, Mac, NeoGrub, and WinPE loaders.

If this is your first time tinkering with a bootloader, EasyBCD makes the process fairly simple. By default the application is in basic mode instead of expert mode—in expert mode it won’t prompt you if you’re doing something that could be difficult to undo. For additional information you can visit the EasyBCD wiki.

There are a few bootmanager programs out there that do similar changes. But the ones good ones you must pay for. Not so with EasyBCD. It worked great with my Vista Machine. I have Vista and Windows 7 loaded on my computer, when I restart I want the default to be Vista not Win 7. SEasyBCD made it very easy to make Vista the default boot record. Now Windows starts Vista automatically!

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