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I have always wanted to have a good speech to text program for writing school projects. Blog posts, anything that basically required me to type. I think the first time that I used a speech to text program it with some freebie that I got from the Internet. It reminded me of driving a model T Ford on Route 80 across the United States. It just wasn’t built for long trips. Then I came across a program, probably around 1999. It was called Dragon Naturally Speaking. I saw it first at a computer show, do they still do those? Someone was demonstrating it and it I was impressed. It seemed to work pretty good. A few months later, I got Dragon Naturally Speaking and gave it a shot.

Much to my disappointment it was slow and inaccurate and pretty much a waste of my time. That was almost 10 years ago now. I decided to give it another shot, I still really like the idea of being able to talk to my computer and making things happen. For some reason I thought Dragon Naturally Speaking cost was $500 or something like that. So I pretty much ignored it over the last few years. But recently, I figured with the leaps and bounds of all the technology over the past few years that this product probably improved greatly. But then I had heard that Windows Vista had a speech to text program built into it. And I thought, well, I’ll just buy Vista and try that out. Well, from everything I’m hearing you don’t want to upgrade a Windows XP machine to Vista, because there’s a lot of problems still. I’m not ready to buy a new computer yet so I still wanted that speech to text thing.

So I decided to give Dragon NaturallySpeaking another shot. I first went on to Google and did a quick price search. I found that I could buy it directly from the Dragon NaturallySpeaking website for $100. But being the bargain shopper that I am, I started searching around and ended up buying it from Amazon for $50 new. Within three days the product was on my desk waiting to be opened.


I’ve been using the speech to text program for about two weeks now. And it worked pretty good. I’m impressed that they have greatly improved the product over the past few years. And it’s pretty much about 85% accurate. I would say, one out of 10 sentences I need to edit. And some of this is caused by my learning curve. I highly recommend using the tutorials and giving the product a quick training on your voice.

The first time I used a product I was very disappointed, because of the slow response time and inaccuracy. However, the program greatly improved after my second time I used it. There was a night and day change in the way the program worked. It recognize my voice after I did a few training sessions and quickly adjusted to my speech. I am still learning some of the program commands, and I think after I continue to use this program I am going to be pretty happy with it. I actually used it to write this entry.

If you click on the file below you will see Dragon Naturally Speaking in action. This is actual footage of me using Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is about the 12th time that I’ve used the software, and as you can it works pretty good, is adapted to my voice. In this exercise, you will see how it actually works and how I have to edit it every so often. You can use the software to edit your text by a giving it a few commands, which I have not learned very well yet. I find it quicker and more accurate to just basically just edit like this. And you really have to think about what you’re going to say because it will create, whatever you say. So I find that when I use the software. I have to make a quick outline on paper, so I can quickly think about what I’m going to talk about.

Currently right now I am using Microsoft Word to speak into. I’m not using the webpage WordPress to edit this in. The reason I’m not using WordPress to create my blog is because I found that if I make a mistake while speaking into WordPress I could accidentally delete my blog post. There are a few commands that you can say to move around and navigate in websites. By chance if you’re speaking one of those commands, while in a browser window, it will activate that command. For example, you can navigate away from the browser window you’re working in .

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