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If you are relying on windows system restore read on to find out why you shouldn’t.   System restore is a very limited functionality and usefulness. Yes Windows Restore can get you out of a pinch if your computer won’t boot properly. Or perhaps your pc starts acting oddly after that new antivirus program you installed. What windows restore will do:

  • Backs up your registry
  • driver state, it can take you back to a previous hardware driver

What system restore won’t do:

  • back up your data
  • does not remove software, just removes the registry
  • does not remove viruses

That’s mostly it. System Restore is not a data back up. Don’t rely on this as a system back up. You need a software package that can make an image of your system on a regular basis to do real back ups. I use to make a regular back. Most importantly have a data drive. A separate partition or hard drive  that is strictly used for  your data.

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