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What do you do when your net book or laptop has no DVD/CD drive and you need to install software from a disk? The newest Netbooks and laptops are great but often do not have DVD drives installed. Don’t fret there are alternatives to get that information onto your Netbook.

Computer A= computer with DVD drive
Computer B= Computer with no DVD drive
  1. Go to and download and install this program on both computers
  2. Insert disk on computer A and open ISO Disk program , then click “create ISO image from cd rom”
  3. It will create a file with the extension ISO, i.e. school-program.ISO. Copy that file to a thumb drive or if possible email that CDfile to the other computer.
  4. Open the ISO Disk program on computer B and choose the “mount ISO image as virtual drive”  this will cause the file to show up as a cd drive installed on computer B. Just go to “My Computer” and double click the cd drive as you would normally. When you’re done with the program, don’t forget to unmount the ISO image, or it will always show up as a drive on Computer B

The other alternative is to purchase a USB DVD rom player. This could be your external DVD player but I prefer the first option so you don’t have to tote around additional hardware.

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