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Experts are saying they think this fairly new virus called Conficker will have minimal impact. How will you know if you have the infection? For starters, Conficker blocks users to any site that may help tech’s to rid their computers of this virus. Visit a site like Symantec and see if you are able to access that site, if so you probably don’t have it. the virus has blocked access to dozens of websites. The full conficker blocked list is here.

If the following describes you, you should be relatively safe from the Conficker virus:

* You have a genuine (not illegal) copy of Windows
* You have up-to-date Antivirus Software from a company like Symantec (not free antivirus from your ISP or Free AVG)
* You are current with your Windows Updates
* You can get to the website

If you need help removing this virus or any other virus call us to set up an appointment or remote support.

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