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cryptolocker-2.0Crypto Locker Virus is making its rounds. It holds your computers files for ransom. Please back up, it’s the only protection against this virus. Click here for the easiest protection.

eBay is the latest victim of a cyberattack — and if you are one of the 145 million users with an active account, or even one of the many millions more with inactive accounts, you may well be affected.

While eBay is urging users to update their passwords immediately (here’s how to do that), many are left wondering what this means for their data and what they can do to keep it safe.

The breach, which was confirmed by investigators this week, happened in late February and early March; eBay discovered it in early May. It seems hackers used an internal eBay corporate account to spy on usernames, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. The hackers were able to access passwords — but they were in encrypted form, so it’s unlikely they were compromised.


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Microsoft releases emergency software for critical security flaw in IE


On Tuesday, software giant Microsoft released an emergency software fix for its popular Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser, to patch a critical security vulnerability in IE8 and IE9. The security flaw fixed by Microsoft was being exploited by hackers, and an unknown number of users had been attacked. Read more

Did you recently receive a letter from your bank claiming that your computer has the Zeus virus?
If the letter is legitimate then I recommend having a professional clean your pc of this virus. It’s particularly hard to locate and many anti-virus companies are missing it all together.
The Zeus virus is a program designed to steal your banking information. It’s a clever virus that has many variants. Follow the instructions from your bank and make sure you get your pc cleaned.

With another threat coming from Facebook, users have to wonder if it’s worth it. Privacy concerns and more virus concerns, Facebook can be dangerous in so many ways. Read below the story from Yahoo news on the latest virus sweeping Facebook.

Sophos warned Facebook clients against clicking on the thumbnail, which does not play the video but takes users to a page telling them they do not have the correct software installed.

SINGAPORE (AFP) – A computer security company on Tuesday warned Facebook users against clicking on a link claiming to be the “sexiest video ever” which is actually a trap designed to infect computers.

The firm, Sophos, said that thousands of users have been hit by the malicious post, which appears to come from a friend’s Facebook account.

The posting reads: “This is without doubt the sexiest video ever!” and is accompanied by what seems to be a movie thumbnail of a woman wearing a short skirt on an exercise bike.

Sophos warned Facebook clients against clicking on the thumbnail, which does not play the video but takes users to a page telling them they do not have the correct software installed.

It then tricks users into installing adware, a software package that automatically plays, displays or downloads advertisements to their computer.

“You may want to watch a sexy video, but you’re more likely to end up being plagued by pop-up advertising,” said Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos.

“Not only is adware being installed in your computer, but the rogue Facebook application is posting the same message to all of your friends’ accounts,” he said.

“It’s no surprise that your friends might click to watch the movie when it looks to all intents and purposes that you are the person who has sent it to them.”

Cluley advised those who had been affected by this attack to scan their computers with anti-virus software, change their passwords, review their Facebook application settings and remove whatever was installed.

New computer build, one hour. Getting the front audio port to work, endless. I spent several hours of checking and fidling with audio settings on Windows 7 to get the front audio port to work. Nothing seemed to work.

I installed the Realtek audio manager and could get the front audio port to work. But then the back audio ports stopped working all together. No matter what settings I had set, they would not work in conjuction.  Here is how I got it working and things to check:

  • Double check that the audio connecter is properly seated on the motherboard and that it’s on the right input port on the motherboard. (see you motherboard instructions)
  • Download the Realtek audio manager and click the folder in the upper right hand corner as seen in the image. Then check or uncheck the “disable front panel jack detection”
  • update your BIOS

My front port audio only started working properly after updating the BIOS. This seems a little extreme but it’s the only thing left I could think of. After updating the Gigabyte via @bios, the widnows based BIOS flash, it started working properly.  Thanks Gigabyter for the easy BIOS flash!

If you don’t have sound on any of the HP DV6000 series laptops here are a few trouble shooting tips to try out.

  • Check speakers are not blown out, do they make noise at all? if so does it sound very scratchy and distorted? If so replace the speakers.
  • Is speaker cable connected, located directly under power button bezel (only attempt removal if you have done this type of repair before)
  • Check hardware devices and see if sound card is installed? If not, verify that “view hidden devices is checked”  then try reinstalling the software directly from the HP support website.
  • finally if nothing else works you can replace sound card with a express card sound card. Determine which type of express slot you have open and install an external sound card.

If you need help getting sound to work on your computer, we’re experts! We can fix any computer in the country with remote service. Call now to set up an appointment.

If you store more and more data on a USB thumb drive you’re not alone. More people are turning to the convenience of the portable storage devices. These small portable devices are also growing in size. You can now store huge amounts of data with ease. The problem with these devices are they are easy to lose and take more risk of being damaged because of their portable nature.

One of the most common ways these devices become inoperable are from being damage while inserted into a laptop or other portable device. For example a laptop gets dropped while the USB device is attached.

When the USB device become detached or broken from the “base” of the storage device the unit stops working properly. Don’t worry often the data can be recovered. The USB male adapter can be reattached to the storage area.

With some care full work and a microscope many times the solder that attaches the USB to the head can be reattached. Data can then be removed and recovered. If you have a USB device that needs data recovered give us a call. We specialize in removing data from USB devices at affordable rates.

AnitVirus Elite

The latest virus removal for a client was an interesting one. The computer had become infected with anti virus 2010. A known virus that infects machines and then ask for money to take care of the “virus”. Before calling me, the customer bought a program to get rid of anti-virus 2010, it was called Anti-Virus Elite. This purchase turned out to make things worse. One or both of these programs were making the computer unusable by blocking access to nearly everything. You could not get the task manager up, start menu or almost anything. Safe mode just blue screened.

Removing a virus like these becomes difficult when you can’t even install a single tool to try and remove the threat. Unfortunately the customer now has to pay twice as much because I have to remove the product she installed and the anti-virus 2010.

I see an increase in the number of computer viruses that tote themselves as the solution. This trojan horse activity must be an effect method since nearly 80 percent of the virus calls I see have some form of this malware.

If you need assistance removing anti-virus elite or anti-virus 2010 give us a call and we’ll get this stinker off your system!

Compaq Repair

compaq repairCompaq laptop and computer repair is what York Computer Repair does best. We fix any Compaq problem including power problems, spyware removal and motherboard replacements. Some of the most popular compaq models that we fix are:

300 Series
700 Series
800 Series
900 Series
1000 Series
1100 Series
1200 Series
1400 Series
1500 Series
1600 Series
1700 Series
1800 Series
1900 Series
2100 Series
2200 Series
2500 Series
2700 Series
2800 Series
3000 Series
B1000 Series
B2000 Series
B3800 Series
M2000 Series
R3000 Series
R4000 Series
V1000 Series
V2000 Series
V4000 Series
X1000 Series
X1100 Series
X1200 Series
X1300 Series
X1400 Series
X1500 Series
X6000 Series