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According to an article at Tom’s Hardware BIOS is being phased out by UEFI.

The new click universal extensible firmware interface (UEFI) is going to be replacing BIOS by Q4 of this year.

The improved system is designed to improve some of the fall backs of the current aging BIOS system that has been in all most all PC for many years.

It will not be compatible with all system and it’s not as easy as flashing your current BIOS and updating to the new standard. Many boards will not support the new technology.

Motherboard manufacturers are also holding off on the new technology because of the resources needed to make the change. There’s also a customization issue: UEFI doesn’t support every board. Manufacturers who design unique features and technologies for their products–those that only communicate with BIOS–may not function with UEFI installed. Designs will eventually need to be re-worked to incorporate the new interface.

Read the article here.

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