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My latest fix was on a Acer Aspire 3000 that would freeze up or the keyboard would stop working after a few minutes. After running virus and spyware tools and not finding anything I thought it must be hardware related. I cleaned out the fan and heat snyc. Both were relativly clean and I didn’t think this was the problem but decided to go ahead and clean out anyway.

The same problem persisted after the cleaning. I installed speed fan to see if the computer was over heating. Indeed it was overheating. I forgot to mention I upgraded the memory temporaily to see if it had either a bad stick or not enough memory. Neither fixed the problem. One of the symptoms was that it was not reading the memory correctly. This computer had 1 GB installed and it read as 756 MB? After installing 2GB it still read as 756 MB.

Another weird symptom was that the computer would not shutdown. I had to pull out the AC adapter and then pull out the battery to shut off the computer.

I dissasembled the computer and looked for blown capacitors on the motherboard. Not finding anything worth mentioning I assumed the motherboard was bad, even if I couldn’t see anything wrong with it.

I was way off on the reason this laptop was broken. After lots of time thinking about it and researching the problem on the internet a solution was found.

The Acer Aspire serires came with some very poor batteries. After some time they stopped working all together. The computer would try to charge the battery and didn’t have enough power to properly provide enough energy to other system functions. (like the keyboard) Yea the battery was the problem. I took out the battery and powered the laptop up. It worked fine. The battery needed replaced, not the motherboard.

I went into device manager and disabled the “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Battery Method” . This allowed me to keep the battery in the laptop and still start it up. This fix took me a long time to figure it out. What a mess!

PS a link to check out and see if you qualify for a free battery replacement.

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