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The latest virus removal for a client was an interesting one. The computer had become infected with anti virus 2010. A known virus that infects machines and then ask for money to take care of the “virus”. Before calling me, the customer bought a program to get rid of anti-virus 2010, it was called Anti-Virus Elite. This purchase turned out to make things worse. One or both of these programs were making the computer unusable by blocking access to nearly everything. You could not get the task manager up, start menu or almost anything. Safe mode just blue screened.

Removing a virus like these becomes difficult when you can’t even install a single tool to try and remove the threat. Unfortunately the customer now has to pay twice as much because I have to remove the product she installed and the anti-virus 2010.

I see an increase in the number of computer viruses that tote themselves as the solution. This trojan horse activity must be an effect method since nearly 80 percent of the virus calls I see have some form of this malware.

If you need assistance removing anti-virus elite or anti-virus 2010 give us a call and we’ll get this stinker off your system!

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